Marfa Haus - Ranch Hotel

22 Miles South of Marfa off US-67
Marfa, TX 79843


Authentic Ranch Lodging, Beautiful Landscapes, Magnificent Dark Skies & Photographic Vistas

Nestled in the high hills of the Chihuahuan desert, above the Marfa plateau region of West Texas, lies Marfa Haus. Encircled by ranch elevations of 4300′ to 5400′, Marfa Haus sits under pristine Dark Skies, and is surrounded by magnificent, Texas mountain vistas. In addition to the vast, surrounding scenery, Marfa Haus offers authentic ranch lodging in its 1940s adobe ranch houses.

Marfa Haus offers the visitor not only the authentic working facilities & infrastructure of a current West Texas ranch; but also, the experience and flavor of ranch living. Within this ever-changing ranching environment, that is both robust and nurturing, Marfa Haus offers many things to our guests. You will find here, a quiet place which embodies the fun and activity of ranch life. It can be a place of study, wonder, outdoor fun, and introspection. It also can help bring focus and growth within the freedoms afforded by ranch life.

Find your freedom from schedules and deadlines, amid the beautiful landscapes, magnificent vistas and the wide-open, pristine skies of Marfa Haus. Come see us! We’ll be tickled to show you around.